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macOS (formerly Mac OS X (1999-2012) or OS X (2012-2016)) is a series of graphical operating systems developed by Apple for Apple computing devices. It is the second most used desktop operating system, after Microsoft Windows.

Hardware Compatibility

A list of macOS versions, the supported systems on which they run, and their RAM requirements.

Operating SystemSupported HardwareRAM Requirement
10.14Officially: 64-bit Intel Macs released in 2010 (Mac Pro with Metal compatible GPU) or 2012 (all others) and later.2 GB
Most 2008 and newer devices using Mojave Patcher.
10.12 - 10.13Officially: 64-bit Intel Macs released in 2009 and later.
Most 2008 and newer devices using High Sierra or Sierra Patcher.
10.8 - 10.1164-bit Intel Macs released in 2009 (Xserve), 2007 (Prosumer and iMac), or 2008 (all others) and later.
10.764-bit Intel Macs.
10.6Intel Macs.1 GB
10.5G4, G5 and Intel Macs at 867 MHz or faster.512 MB
10.4Macs with FireWire and a New World ROM or Intel processor.256 MB
10.3Macs with a New World ROM.128 MB
10.0 - 10.2G3, G4 and G5 iBook and PowerBook, Power Mac and iMac (except PowerBook G3 "Kanga")
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