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If you are having problems with your Dell Inspiron 11-3164 laptop, you can use our troubleshooting page to diagnose your symptoms and find out what solutions are available, check it out at Dell Inspiron 11-3164 Troubleshooting.

Background Information

  • The Dell Inspiron 11-3164 is very user friendly and portable. Having the same dimensions as a piece of paper this laptop can fit in almost any backpack and can go virtually anywhere. The current model we are working on is going to be the standard fold down model. There are other upgrades such as the tablet version and each has different specs and variances in memory, drive space, and even processors.
  • The specs of this laptop vary but it traditionally came with windows 7/8 and is compatible to upgrade to Windows 10. Even the most general model such as ours has all of the hardware needed to run most programs a general user would want and depending on which model you purchase you could even run more complex programs on this device.
  • Having an up down build, once the back panel is taken off the entire laptop is easily accessible and can be taken apart completely in under 45 minutes. You can't replace the processor or upgrade your RAM so when buying this computer make sure you are happy with the model you decide to pick.
  • Being released in 2014 the tech on this laptop is not out of date. HDMI capabilities, 2 USB ports, and 11.6' screen, and even Lith-Ion battery this computer is easily a steal for it's low price.

Additional Information

These three links will direct you to more manufacturer information about this product. Included on these three sites are consumer reviews, product specs, and different hardware options for this device in order to identify your device.

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