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Background and Identification

The Hover-1 XLS was released by Hype Wireless, out of Edison, New Jersey, in 2016. It is a compact foldable bike that can carry an adult, with a maximum weight capacity of 285 lbs. The bike comes in one complete piece, with no assembly required. It can be folded or stood up with a kickstand on its back wheel. On one charge, it can travel up to 20 miles on its 250 watt motor, though its battery life can be extended to between 2.5-3 hours if used conservatively. The battery, once depleted, takes between 3-5 hours to fully recharge from a normal outlet, though it can be used on partial battery.

The bike is designed for an urban environment, so it struggles on large inclines and on rough terrain. Hype Wireless suggests that the bike is kept to inclines of less than 15 degrees, to maximize battery and motor performance. It has 10 inch tires that allow it to run on unpaved roads, but battery performance suffers. The bike also has a front LED light that can be turned on and off from the handlebars, a back reflector, R/L dual disc brakes, L/R turn signals, and a small horn on the front plate. The handlebars have an LED display that shows speed, temperature, and a battery gauge. The bike has a key-based ignition for security.

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