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Background and Identification

The Dell Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor is a modular, customizable, and user-friendly desktop.

This desktop can be found in many businesses, schools, and government institutions throughout the United States. Released in 2006, they come stock with plenty of outdated hardware, but can be easily upgraded with new technologies and parts.

This computer is a great, cheap option for beginners to learn how to repair and upgrade computers. It contains eight USB 2.0 ports, four DIMM slots for expandable DDR2 RAM, a removable CD/DVD drive, and one designated slot for an interchangeable hard drive, allowing for a maximum of 2 TB of internal storage. With its ability to run the current Windows 10, and to upgrade to a graphics card with an HDMI output, this device is still a very reliable option that can integrate with newer technologies and accessories.


If there is an issue with the device, refer to the troubleshooting page for diagnosis.

Dell Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor Troubleshooting.

Product Specifications

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Hard Drive: 80GB, 160GB, or 250GB

Memory (RAM) : Up to 8GB (4 slots, 2GB each maximum)

Integrated Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000

Find further product details at: Full Specifications

Additional Information

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Drivers Downloads

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