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The Dell Optiplex 745 small form factor is a compact desktop computer that has been a work office favorite, and still sits at desks to this day.

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Why is my device not turning on?

No matter how many times I press the power button to turn my computer on, no light turns on and my monitor remains black.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Carson Mould, check your power cable first. Make sure it is properly inserted and that you have power on the electrical outlet where it plugs into. If that works, you do want to take a multimeter and check the power switch and see if that works. Remove all the RAM and unplug every device that is connected to your computer. Then try it. If it still does not work, your power switch is okay,, and the power cable okay, I would start off with checking the power supply. This of course will depend on your skills and tools available, let us know what you can do. Hope this helps, good luck.

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If your device randomly shuts off and becomes very hot, the fan inside the tower may be clogged. Remove the fan and clean out debris. If the problem still persists, the fan unit should be replaced.

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@Rebecca Harrison, please read the question before suggesting an answer. " no light turns on and my monitor remains black." should tell you that it is a power issue, not a overheating issue. It can not overheat if it does not start up.


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Test tour PSU with a multimeter. Hook up black to black, yellow should be 12 volts, red should be 5volts, and orange should be 3.3 volts. If you want, you can test your PSU if you short circuit green wire (PS_ON) and ground.

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Simply check your power supply with a tester. Unplug from PC and plug into tester. I got mine $9 from frys.

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First of all, ensure the power cord is firmly inserted into the computer. If this doesn't fix your issue you are likely facing a power supply issue. The power switch may have also been disconnected. If this began to happen after opening the unit check the power supply connections to the motherboard, specifically the 4 pin CPU connector.

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Trouble shoot:

ok so no display on your LCD/LED screen and no power indicator in the system unit indicates issues with either the Power supply or the motherboard. I assume that the fan isnt spinning as well (but pls confirm).

[] Open your PC case, clean the circuit board using a soft dry paint brush specially near the CPU and look for possible shorting, burns marks etc, if nothing's unusual proceed-

[] Remove the motherboard Power supply connection then replug them, remove the HDD power source as well (ensure safety first, unplug the PC from the wall socket every time you touch the internals of your PC)

[] if that doesnt work. borrow a different powersupply from a friend, connect it to the motherboard.

If it worked and the fan turns on but no display, I suggest the ff (if one of them works, no need to proceed to the next one):

[] Remove the RAM, look for possible burn marks etc, and clean its terminal with an eraser

[] reseat the CPU, put back the cpu cooler (if you dont have a thermal compound, you may still mount the cpu cooler for testing purposes, but if the unit runs - power on self test- successfully then you'd need to add some thermal compound to your cpu.)

if you see burnmarks, on the motherboard, then you'd have to replace it.

Let us know what youve found so far...

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