Use this guide to replace a cracked or faulty screen, including the display and digitizer, on your Google Pixel 2 XL. If it does not include adhesive, the replacement part will need replacement adhesive in order to seal the phone. There may also be small parts that need to be transferred from the original display to the replacement. Inspect both displays closely to make sure all relevant components are moved from the original display to the replacement.

  1. If your display glass is cracked, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping the glass. This also makes a smooth surface allowing the suction cup to bond.
    • If your display glass is cracked, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping the glass. This also makes a smooth surface allowing the suction cup to bond.

    • Apply a suction cup as close to the SIM slot edge of the phone as you can while avoiding the curved edge.

      • The suction cup will not make a good seal on the curved portion of the glass.

    In my experience the suction cup will not stick to the tape though. Also the SIM slot edge is the side you do not want to be cutting on as per the later steps of this guide. So I put the suction on the edge where the power and volume buttons are.

    Nicholas Doran - Replica

  2. Pull up on the suction cup with firm, constant pressure and insert an opening pick between the front panel and rear case.
    • Pull up on the suction cup with firm, constant pressure and insert an opening pick between the front panel and rear case.

    • This requires a significant amount of force and patience. If you have trouble, rock the suction cup and screen to weaken the adhesive, or apply heat with an iOpener, heat gun, or hair dryer.

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    • In the following steps, extra caution is required in certain areas to avoid damage to the phone:

      • Do not insert the pick more than 0.25 inches into the bottom edge of the phone. If the pick contacts the folded portion of the OLED panel it can damage the display.

      • Do not cut along the left edge, there are delicate display cables that can be damaged.

      • Only make very shallow cuts in the upper left corner, prying deeply can damage the front-facing camera.

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    • Slide the opening pick down the right side of the phone to separate the display adhesive.

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    • In the following steps, use the flat of the opening pick, rather than a corner, to cut here. This will help prevent inserting the pick too deeply.

    • Slide the opening pick around the lower-right corner and along the bottom edge of the phone.

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    • Reinsert the pick at the top-right corner of the phone, and slide it around the corner and along the top edge of the phone.

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    • Gently lift the display from the right side of the phone, opening it like a book.

      • If the display doesn't readily lift, do some extra prying to separate the last of the adhesive.

    • Don't try to fully separate the display yet, as fragile ribbon cables still connect it to the phone's motherboard.

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    • Use the corner of an opening tool to pry up the digitizer cable connector cover.

    • Pry carefully to avoid damaging the cable underneath, or losing the cover itself.

    I just wanted to stress how easy it is to lose the cover. It takes a fair bit of force to pry it off and mine shot across the entire room once it came free.

    Nicholas Doran - Replica

    • Use the point of a spudger to lift the display cable connector up and out of its socket on the motherboard.

    • To re-attach press connectors like this one, carefully align and press down on one side until it clicks into place, then repeat on the other side. Do not press down on the middle. If the connector is misaligned, the pins can bend, causing permanent damage.

    • If any part of your screen doesn't respond to touch after your repair re-seat this connector, making sure it clicks fully into place and that there's no dust or other obstruction in the socket.

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    • Use tweezers to remove any tape from the display connector cover.

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    • Insert the point of a spudger into the small hole on the edge of the OLED panel connector cover.

    • Use the spudger to pry the cover out of its recess.

    Be very very careful when prying the connector, there's some transistor under and around the connector which would be easily be kicked off and you will lost the bottom speaker after the screen replacement

    Marius Tsui - Replica

    • Use the flat edge of a spudger to lift the display cable connector off of its socket.

    Be very very careful when prying the connector, there's some transistor under and around the connector which would be easily be kicked off and you will lost the bottom speaker after the screen replacement.

    Marius Tsui - Replica

    • Before installing a new display, it's very important to remove all traces of the old adhesive from the frame, while taking special care to remove any small glass fragments.

    • After removing all traces of glue and glass from the frame, clean the adhesion areas with high concentration isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%). This will ensure a better seal for the new display and adhesive.

    • The best way to secure the new screen is with a sheet of custom-cut double-sided tape, but high-adhesion double-sided tape, like Tesa 61395, will work too. Apply the tape to the edges of the frame where the old adhesive was, align the screen, and press it into place.

    How many mm should the tape be?

    Simone E - Replica

    Hi Simone, I would use 1 mm tape for really small edges like this.

    Adam O'Camb -

    There's a custom made adhesive tape specially designed for the pixel 2 XL available on other website and it's easier to apply.

    Marius Tsui - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Be very careful on the bottom connection, if done incorrectly, 2 small components controlling bottom speaker are easily damaged, this will result in a motherboard replacement or replacing someones phone. Take it from me and a few others on the site…go at this slow and careful. Besides that risk, the phone is pretty simple to repair.

Tom Gray - Replica

Hi Tom, what component are you talking about? I'm about to dive into this and it might be wise for me to doublecheck this prior to repairing it!

Jasperstaal -

can you separate outer glass screen layer from lcd?

Tyler W - Replica

.Every layer of the full lamination screen is essential to the display, the surface layer is not just for protection.So I think if you removed it, the screen would be damaged .

roanoke -

Showing where to place the new tape would be helpful.

Office Administrator - Replica

Is it correct in saying that you have to replace the screen and digitizer? You can not just replace the screen itself, correct?

Joel Jones - Replica

That’s correct—the LCD and digitizer are fused and have to be removed as one unit.

Adam O'Camb -

I see sites selling just the screen and I assumed it was bogus. Thanks for the confirmation. Is there only that one company that sells it? The UBreakIFix site?

Joel Jones -

I’m not sure of the best place to buy the screen, but I’m sure some other stores sell it as well. I would just read reviews and make sure you purchase from a reputable seller.

Adam O'Camb -

I found the instructions pretty helpful. For me the hardest parts were removing the screen since it was extensively cracked and the suction cup wouldn’t stick with tape, and removing the plastic covers without feeling like I was going to break the phone. The screen yielded with a heat gun and careful prying. I bought my screen from Witrigs and it came with 2 sets of adhesive stickers. Applying the sticker was a little challenging, but I succeeded with the second sticker.

Samina Bhumbra - Replica

My issues were also the cracked and shattered screen made removing all the adhesive tricky. I was a little wary because it seemed like there was still adhesive on the flat areas on the top and bottom, but after wiping it down with alcohol, applying the adhesive, and putting the screen on, everything holds very well. My adhesive was kind of stretchy, but I was able to get it to sit well enough. Some spots had to overlap because of the extra stretched length, but no noticeable gaps occurred from it.

Gage Cook -

Excellent guide, especially when followed with an I-opener tool kit… the adhesive that is suggested is a joy to work with (get the 1mm thick roll) i placed a single strip along each edge and another two small strips just on the far side of each speaker had zero issues lining up and there is no gap between new screen and the body. A+ repair guide, great tools. Happy phone.

Johnathen Radelet - Replica

Guide cant be more clear, all step by step, easy to follow. Just had problems with adhesive which I used,but nothing to do with this guide. Thanks

jautakis - Replica

My advice for shattered screen removal is to fix transparent tape or film over the screen to hold the splinters together before removal. Tried it and worked.

I have a question though please, there is a tiny rubber ring that is fixed under the screen in front of the front camera, what is it’s purpose?, would it’s absence affect my front camera photo quality someway?. I discovered the piece after replacing the screen, unfortunately the replacement screen did not include that.

A A - Replica

My guess is that the ring keeps dust and debris off the front of the lens, and maybe helps stabilize it. It shouldn’t effect the function of the camera, but since the lens is not sealed against the front glass, dust might accumulate on the lens over time.

Adam O'Camb -

You keep saying lcd but is t it a oled display. Is your replacement the same or lcd?

Danny - Replica

Hi Danny, I misspoke in one of the above comments when I said LCD. Our replacement part is a P-OLED, the same as the stock screen.

Adam O'Camb -

So I live in the Louisiana heat and it kind of melted the adhesive off my old case and so I am in the business of buying a new one but I dropped it and I think the display cable just snapped out because there was no seen damages and then after a week of not wanting to take it an hour away (because google doesn’t like others &&^&^$^ with their phone) I found the tutorial (here) that shows the input behind the glass so I just pushed it back in and POW back to working

I am the man - Replica

Where can I buy a genuine OEM Pixel 2 XL display in Europe?

aci KO - Replica

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