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If you're having issues determining what the problem is with your Dell Inspiron then try looking at the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Inspiron 11z was released in 2009 and replaced the Dell Mini 12 in most markets. The model can be identified by the name Inspiron on the upper left corner of the screen cover and the model number GOBI2000 on the back of the laptop. The laptop has a portable design consisting of an 11.6 inch screen and weight of 3 pounds. As far as hardware goes, the laptop has a 1.2 GHz Core i3-330UM processor, an Intel graphics card and 2 GBs of RAM. This model come in obsidian black case and has a battery life of 4 hours.

Additional Information

Service Manual

Laptop Review

Replacing RAM and Hard Drive Video

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