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My name is Skylar and I am an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student studying Space Physics with minors in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. My dream is to one day be a physicist working on international projects such as CERN and LIGO, working alongside scientist from all around the world to find answers to our greatest questions. I also aspire to one day be an astronaut for NASA and be able to help humanity explore the final frontier, space, and all the unknowns it holds. I am proficient at coding in MATLAB, C, and some Python. I am also currently a member of the LIGO Supernova group responsible for winning the 2017 noble prize for the discovery of gravitational waves. I am personally working on two experiments, currently, one is testing the modes of a mirror to determine the amount of wobble caused by high intensity lasers, the other is observing a different approach to the interferometer photodiode light recombination analysis. I also helped analyse the data for the LIGO Memory Project. I am a member of the Society of Physics Students, a Teacher’s Assistant for Physics 3 Lab and a Residential Life Assistant on campus. In my spar time I enjoy star gazing, traveling, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, hiking and cooking various dishes. This project relates to my love for understanding new concepts; being able to deconstruct devices has allowed me to further understand the hardware of computers and how the components function together. Finally, some fun facts about me are that I have two dogs, a Husky named Athena and a German Shepard named Eris. I love taking my dogs on runs in the Arizona mountains, as well as walking around downtown areas with friends.