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Briggs and Stratton 675 Series Troubleshooting

Identification and Background

The Briggs & Stratton 190cc 675 Series Push Mower Engine produces 6.75 ft.-lbs. Gross Torque. The 675 Series Engine is the more powerful version of the standard 650 Engine that Briggs and Stratton usually uses. It has a similar design as the 650, so if you are looking for repair guides to a 650 engine, these will work just as well.

This 1.6 quart gasoline engine features a one-start float carburetor for one-pull starts, a mechanical compression release for quick starting, and a composite camshaft for device longevity. It also comes equipped with a "lo-tone" muffler, which ensures that the engine will run quietly.

Manufacture Date: February 2011

Model #126T02

Additional Information

Official Support Manual

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