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If you are having trouble with the Bissell OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, take a look at our troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The OptiClean Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum 66T61 was released in 2010 by Bissell. It is advertised as a versatile vacuum that can be used to clean anything from hardwood floors to carpet. It has a power of 10 amps and weighs about 18.6 lbs. It also has a power cord that can extend out to 17 feet and a six foot hose in the front. Other models released at the time are the Bissell Opticlean 66T6D, however the 66T6D is no longer on the market. Additionally, the 66T61 can be identified by its blue color and labeling in the front of the canister.

Major features on the device include its variable suction control, automatic cord rewind, and its multi-level filtration. The variable suction control allows the user to adjust the intensity of suction to make it easier to clean more delicate items such as curtains, sheets, etc. The multi-level filtration allows for the user to clean many surfaces without having to use multiple machines. Other models have been made that replace the 66T61, however many favorable reviews show it is a valid choice for a vacuum.

Additional Information

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E-Vaccum Store: Bissell Opticlean Cyclonic

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