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Numark N4 Troubleshooting

Entry level DJ controller released in December, 2011 with a bar code identification number (21)N31202191407364.

Device won't turn on

The Numark N4 will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Faulty Main PCB Circuit Board

If the device is not showing any sign of powering up, it is possible that the main circuit board is damaged. A main circuit board replacement guide can be found here Numark N4 BP Main PCB Board Replacement.

Faulty Power Adapter

It may simply be that your main power adapter is damaged. Consider purchasing a new one.

Sound is not working

There is no sound being produced from the speakers that the Numark N4 is attached to.

Improper Settings

First, connect your N4 controller to your computer. Click the Windows start button and search for "Sound". Open the "Sound Preference" window. Navigate to the playback tab and make sure that your sound-producing device is set as the default playback device. Launch Serato DJ.

Faulty Audio Jack

First, make sure that the cables are firmly plugged into the audio jacks. Audio that sounds distorted can be a sign that your audio jacks are too loose. If there is visible damage, consider replacing the audio jacks. A guide can be found here Numark N4 Audio Jack Replacement.

Jog wheels are over-sensitive

When the Numark N4 is set to scratch mode, moving your finger near it can cause the music to stop.

Unit Not Grounded

To test if this is the source of your problem, touch the earth pole (located on the back of the unit) and simultaneously scratch the other side of the jogwheel. You need to ground the unit by attaching a wire to this pole while this action is performed. Digital DJ tips has an excellent video, the link to which can be found on YouTube.

The buttons, knobs or sliders are not working

Various buttons, knobs, or sliders are visibly damaged, or simply unresponsive.

Faulty PCB Circuit Board

If the majority of buttons are not responding, it is possible the PCB circuit board underneath that corresponding location is damaged. A guide on replacing it can be found here Numark N4 PCB Circuit Board Replacement

Damaged Effect Button

It is possible the plastic connector for the effect button is not reaching the circuit board properly. If a effect button is visibly damaged or unresponsive, a guide on replacing it can be found here Numark N4 Effect button cover Replacement.

USB not recognized by Numark N4

The USB port is not responding or visibly damaged.

Faulty USB

If the the USB port is unresponsive, a guide on replacing it can be found here

Numark N4 USB Port Replacement.

Error Messsage

The device is detected but not working.

Faulty Formatting

Often times the software recognizes a device, but the device is not fromatted properly so it will not work with that software. You can try reinstalling drivers and making sure it is downloading properly. A guide to reinstall the drives can be found on the Numark website.

Does Not Run Simultaneously With Other Programs

The configuration of Numark N4 isn't allowing the programs to move smoothly.

Faulty Configuring

By changing the configuration of the Numark N4 you can help with this issue. A guide to help configure can be found on the Numark website .

Issues with the driver

The driver has bad performance.

Out of Date Software

If you notice slow performance, the easiest and fastest fix would be to update the driver before trying to replace anything. A guide for this can be found on the Numark website.

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