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Motorola i90c Troubleshooting

The Motorola i90c is a compact, flip style phone with push-to-talk system, speakerphone, Java processor, and wireless internet connection among its other basic features. This guide covers the identification and repair of possible basic malfunctions.

Phone won't turn on

Phone does not respond to pressing the "on" button

The battery is not charged

The battery could be malfunctioning and may need to be replaced. If possible,compare the battery voltage to the specification written on the back cover of the phone. Click here to see how to take the battery out to test it. Otherwise, try running the phone with the charger plugged in.

The charger is malfunctioning

If the charger is malfunctioning, it will not charge the cellphone. If the phone doesn't appear to be charging, see if it charges with another charger. If it does, the charger is likely at fault. If the phone still does not turn on and it doesn't respond when plugged into a power source, consult the other troubleshooting options on this page.

The keypad is malfunctioning

If the phone doesn't turn on or doesn't respond to any user input, the keypad may be at fault. Follow the repair guide here to replace the keypad.

There is no sound

No sound comes out when it should

The speaker is broken

If the speaker is broken, no sound will come out or the sound may be garbled. Follow the repair guide here to replace the speaker.

The logic board is broken

If the speaker is in proper working order but the phone still won't make any sound, the audio processor on the logic board may be at fault. The logic board is not serviceable so it must be replaced as a unit. Refer to the repair guide here for instructions on replacing the logic board.

The headphone jack is malfunctioning

If you are trying to use a headphone/microphone with your cell phone and you can't hear anything, it is possible that the headphone jack itself is not working correctly. You should first verify that the headphones are in proper working order before replacing the headphone jack. Most phones acknowledge the user when a headphone/microphone headset is plugged in with an on-screen message or icon. Consult the users manual to see if this is the case and replace the headphone jack using this guide here if necessary.

The screen doesn't work

The screen may be too dark or figures can barely be made out, or he screen could be completely black altogether

The screen is broken

If the screen is cracked or shows any other visible signs of damage and it isn't working as should, it will need to be replaced.

The flex cable is severed

The ribbon cable that connects the phone's main body to its screen is vital to the proper function of the screen. If this cable breaks (usually by wear and tear by means of opening and closing the phone), the cable will have to be replaced. Follow the guide here on replacing the cable.

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