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My name is Artur Komissarov, and welcome to a biography written by yours truly!


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I am currently an undergraduate honors student at York University, majoring in Information Technology.


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I have always been fascinated and privileged to grow up in the era of technology. My father currently works under IT as a Business Analyst and had ultimately inspired me to study the art of computer sciences. I am seeking a career involving Human-Computer Interactions, hoping to design and test user interfaces in the near future!


  • Time management
  • Problem Solver
  • Multitasker
  • HTML, Javascript, and PHP
  • Java and C#

Repair Skills

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Although I am a novice in the art of “DIY”, I am no stranger to fixing broken things at home!

From overhauling a bicycle hub (very hard to re-assemble!) to soldering wires back to a mainboard, I have seen a fair share of problems I fixed by myself!


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  • Cyclist
  • Pianist
  • Digital artist
  • Journalist
  • Film editing & Machinima

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