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If you are having trouble with the HP Pavilion DV9700, please follow the provided link for troubleshooting assistance:

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Background Information and Identification

The HP Pavilion DV9700 is a model of notebook PC used mainly for entertainment purposes. Its large screen and powerful sound system optimize it for media usage and streaming applications. The HP Pavilion DV9700 can be identified by the Model number (DV9700) on the bottom of the laptop just below the battery.

The Pavilion utilizes a 17-inch screen with a pixel aspect ratio of 1440x900, giving it a total pixel count of 1.296 million. This pixel density allows for a crisp and clear display. The display is also accompanied by a 3D sound bar and numerous ports, and slots, for a well-rounded input/output ability. This PC is capable of a Hard Drive capacity up to 320GB, and a RAM capacity of up to 3,072MB (3GB), a good amount for an entry-level PC.

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