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Super Nintendo Troubleshooting

Note: This troubleshooting page covers the original SNS-001 type 1 model only.

No Video Display Output

Display is black or distorted

No Game Inserted

In older models the system requires that you have a game inserted to boot.

Game Inserted While Running

If the system still loads to a black screen remove the game pack, turn the power switch to off, insert the game pack and turn the system back on.

Bad Cables/Accessories

Make sure that the cables are connected to their respective ports, if this does not work confirm that the cables and accessories are all Nintendo licensed as the Super Nintendo does not fully support third party products. If none of the above succeed your video cable may have worn out and you may need to purchase a new one.

Console Doesn't Turn On

Problems related to supplying power to the Super Nintendo

Power Cable

The power cable may not have good enough connection, try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, drying, and trying again. The cable also may have eroded and you may need to replace it, however, this is not likely.

Power Switch

The power switch may become disconnected and need to be reattached. In the worst case the actual power switch may need to be replaced. A guide for this can be found here.

Game Loses Saved Data

You can no longer continue your progress after shutdown

Bad Cartridge Battery

This issue is due to a battery stored in the game cartridge that is used to store memory even when the game is not inserted. The only way to fix this is to replace the battery, doing this will not restore your saves however it will restore saving functionality.

System Starts But Doesn't Load Game

The system goes to the start screen and stops

Dirty Cartridge

The game may have become dirty and needs cleaning. Nintendo recommends that you do not blow on it. Instead use rubbing alcohol and dry before reinserting.

Dirty Port

Try cleaning the port on the Super Nintendo System. Make sure it is dry before you power on.

Controllers Not Working

The system does not recognize controller input

Broken Controller

If a controller stops working first try testing a known working controller on your system, if it works then the issue is with the controller and it will need to be replaced.

Broken Controller Port

However, if the controller doesn't work the physical controller port may need to be replaced. A guide for this can be found here.

I got a snes it turns on you see game starting up then fades out black no picture but there sound

gerfarnan - Replica

Got a snes today it turns on you see the picture and sound then the picture fades to black

gerfarnan - Replica

i have a similar problem it turns on game starts and then it goes black intently it’s like it’s not displaying or it’s tuning off do you know how to fix it

super masher -

I am having issues with only ONE game not working and I've tried three different cartridges for the game. Anyone else have this issue?

crystaldawn63 - Replica

yes i do with lemmings all other games play but lemmings i have gotten 3 diffrent lemmings games and sent the back i am on no#4 and still working on the problem but no luck

slavemom4 -

I'm curious to know which game was it that didn't work on multiple carts?

Chris Charalambous -

Hi my controller is playing back to front

John McAllister - Replica

when playing super mario kart, super soccer or super tennis, the grass or ground is all blurry, the lines do not show anymore, it’s all blurry.. any ideas? is the a bad cartridge? or my snes has some problem?

insgelijk - Replica

[|my super Mario world will run like normal until after I pick how many players. It then loads the game with Mario in the middle and then surrounded by bridges.]

Ashley N Dreesen - Replica

Mine does that too any chance you got it fixed?

Elaina Gellar -

No power …swich good power port good fuse good ??

Victor - Replica

When ever I turn on my Super Nintendo the Super Nintendo game looks black and white.but why

Zach Johnson - Replica

I got my old super Nintendo out for my younger kids to play and all my old games start but none of the Characters come up on the screen. Like I can see all the background to super Mario

world but there's no Mario or Koopa's running around. On Donkey Kong he doesn't pop up, and also none of the characters pop up on the introduction to Spider-Man Maximum Carnage. There's a few blocks in the left hand corner at the top of the screen but I have no idea why I can read the game and see a background but there's just no characters. Does anyone know what's going on? I'm completely at a loss.


Not tech-savvy at all

Rachel McDonald - Replica

It works fine just the controller won't do anything, everything else works

Tovan McManus - Replica

Red light turns on, the tv reacts as if it is receiving a signal, but nothing happens. The screen remains black. No sound either. I am using nearly mint condition a/v cables that are Nintendo brand. They work when plugged into N64. They had previously worked with the snes as well. Have tested many games. No luck. What do I do?

Nick J - Replica

mine works just fine on super mario world but on every other game it will turn completely black after a while on zelda I can use the main menu but once I try to start it stops working

Colbinater 3000 - Replica

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