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Bose SoundTouch 20 Troubleshooting

Released in October of 2013, this wired speaker system offered by Bose is easily identified by a product ID number of 355589-1200.

System Not Powering On

I want to listen to my speaker but none of the lights come on and the buttons don't respond.

Bad Power Cord

Your power cord may have a kink in the connection somewhere not allowing the speaker to power on. If the speaker is not getting a constant voltage supply or the power cord is shorting out, the motherboard may become damaged. Testing the cable with a spare or replacing it is recommened.

Parts: Power Cable for Bose SoundTouch 20

Low Batteries in the Remote

If the system powers on with the button on the system, but not the remote, then the batteries on the remote are likely low or empty.

Parts: CR2032 Battery

Guide: Replacing the Battery

Wet Motherboard

If your speaker is in an environment in which it can get wet, like the bathroom or on the patio by the pool, then there is a possibility that the motherboard could get wet. If the motherboard gets wet there could be a large range of electrical issues, the most common being that the device won't power on. Since motherboards aren't readily available for this device, the best option would be to open the motherboard, dry it completely and try again. If the motherboard has gotten wet and drying it does not solve the problem, then the device should be replaced.

Guide: Motherboard Removal

No Sound Coming From the Speaker

I've connected my phone to the speaker but no sound plays.

Bad Auxiliary Cable

If you're connected through an auxiliary cable then the cable itself might be bad. These cables tend to have connection issues so twisting the cable might cause the sound to come and go. If this is the case then replacing the cable is the solution.

Parts: Auxiliary Cable

Incompatible App/Phone

Not all apps can connect with the speaker, using another app can rule out whether or not the app is the issue. The same goes with phones, new Bluetooth firmware may not be compatible with the firmware on the Bose SoundTouch 20. Using a different model phone will decide whether or not the phone and speaker are compatible.

Damaged Speaker

The speaker inside the system can become damaged itself. Depending on the type of damage, the speaker may play distorted audio or not play any audio at all. You can narrow the issue down to the speaker by attempting to play sound through all of the audio inputs, auxiliary, Bluetooth, and the app. If no sound is played, then the speaker itself is damaged and will need to be replaced.

Guide: Speaker Removal and Replacement

Bad Amplifier

In some cases the amplifier can become damaged. This usually occurs from water damage but it can also be caused by playing demanding music on a loud volume constantly.

Guide: Amplifier Removal and Replacement

Sticky Buttons

I've pushed the button and it stays pressed down instead of springing up.

Dirt Under the Buttons

Over time dirt and dust can accumulate underneath the buttons of the speaker and impede their functionality. The issues range from the button not springing back up when pushed, to no response from the button. The only solution is to remove the buttons and clean underneath them.

Guide: Button Removal and Cleaning

Bluetooth Not Connecting

I attempt to connect my phone via Bluetooth to the speaker I cannot connect.

Out of Range

Bluetooth signals do not carry very far and do not maintain strong signals through solid objects such as walls. Attempt to connect at a closer range.

Bluetooth Pairing Button Doesn't Work

If dirt and dust accumulates under the Bluetooth button, it can prevent the button from working, not allowing a phone to pair with the speaker. When the Bluetooth button is pressed, a blue light should flash twice a second until a device is paired. If no light flashes then the button should be removed and the contact cleaned.

Guide: Button Removal and Cleaning

Device Incompatibility

Some devices may not be compatible with the Bose's Bluetooth software. Attempting to connect with another device will tell whether the device is compatible or not.

Bad Bluetooth Module

If no device can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth and the button works correctly, then either the Bluetooth antenna or module is faulty. Replacement modules and antennas are not readily available so it is advised to either use the Auxiliary port, the phone application or to purchase another unit.

== OLED Screen Not Displaying Information==

My display screen is cracked or doesn't display information properly.

Replacing the Display Screen

In these cases the only solution is to replace the screen.

Guide: Screen Removal and Replacement

I have echo between my soundtouch 20 iii and my soudlink revolve plus speakers. All 3 speakers are conect to my iMac via bluetooth.

sharri rabbi - Replica

I have Echo btween my soundtouch 20 iii and my soundlink revolve speakears. How can i avoid this Echo ?

sharri rabbi - Replica

I was able to connect Bluetooth with SoundTouch 20 on the screen of the speaker shows song playing but no sound. How to fix any suggestions. By the way this has started today as it was working fine in past

Arif - Replica

I have error code 0000 on my screen won't tune on

owuompe1 - Replica

Bose 20 speaker working fine, then suddenly today cannot connect to any internet radio channels. No radio stations displayed in Soundtouch programme (app) either. Is this some software change today?

John Cheesbrough - Replica

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