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Repair information for Samsung dishwashers.

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How to reset the normal light flashing

I am trying to figure out how to reset my dishwasher

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Denver, what's the model number of your dishwasher? Reset procedures vary widely even within one manufacturer, so we can't give you accurate information without knowing which one you have.


i have a samsung dw80k7050 series


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Hi @lancerandal2773

Here's the ifixit Samsung Dishwasher Normal Light Flashing troubleshooting guide that may help to resolve the problem.

If the problem is caused by a faulty part and it needs replacing, here's a parts list¹ that may help.

When you have located the wanted part in the list, you'll find that the manufacturer's part number is listed with it. Search online for the part number to find suppliers that suit you best.

¹ There are 7 different variants of the model number you posted. If you need to replace a part, search for the full model number of the dishwasher at the top of the page in the parts list link, to ensure that you're getting the correct part for your particular variant, just in case there's a difference between the model variants.

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