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A 16.1 MP Sony Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens released in September, 2012 and discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Why is my control dial not working?

I recently got this camera a few days ago from ebay and I the issue is that the control dial value set at one value or if the dial is moved it goes up one value or down one value but no more. I have tried all I can think of like cleaning the contacts… Also, I have a nex-3n and it has no issues with the selp1650 lens, so I gather the control dial is to blame.

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I had to buy a top block with flash and mode/control dial assemblies intact. I also found the service manual which wasn’t as helpful as I hoped.

I took the top block off and served one of the assemblies because it was under another assemblies and the camera was stuck in manual setting until I fixed it last night. Interesting part is when it was stuck in manual it couldn’t tell if the flash was up because of micro switches that are part of the assemblies of the mode/control dial.

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I have a Sony a7ii. Randomly the focus control dial will not work. It doesn't lock or anything, but when I turn it the focus bar doesn't show up in the screen and the camera doesn't try to focus. The camera will also randomly softly "click" and go from bright light exposure to dark exposure without the light actually changing. It will do this three or so times, then sound like it is trying to softly click again and then the dreaded "turn camera off and back on" screen shows up. The camera always works again once I turn it off and on, but then again, the three soft clicks with changing exposure the warning sign. Any thoughts?


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