Why is camera eating more battery?

my camera is eating more battery . if i insert fully charged batteries then after 1 or 2 shots the battery gets over and it shows the low battery symbol and then the camera turn off . it’s eating too much battery

Answer this question I have this problem too

Is this a good question?

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Hi @rahul132003 ,

Can you try new batteries and see if that resolves the problem, to prove that the batteries are holding their charge and are not failing under load?

Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.


@jayeff The batteries are new only


It could be a parasitic power draw which can be detected by a multimeter however I don't know how to exactly check for that besides using it while the camera is off, you could also check if the batteries show about the voltage labled while you're doing that just to make sure it's not that. Otherwise perhaps try fiddling in the settings, the flash would use a lot of power.


Ok i will try thanks


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