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TouchiD issues with new iOS?

I am a shop and have repaired 1000's of phones-

Anyone experiencing fingerprint issues with current iOS after screen replacement?

The phone shows no failed touchID message, just doesn't see the finger to scan.

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Have you updated to 11.0.3?

Have you done a Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset all settings (NOT ERASE CONTENTS AND SETTINGS)


Thanks for your reply

As I mentioned I’ve repaired 1000’s of phones. I know all about bad home buttons, dirty, or erasing and re-scanning.

The issue was on 3 different phones today all 6s. All normal everyday screen repair. iOS doesn’t show “failed”. It simply doesn’t see the scan. When trying to put a new print in it just sits and waits as if there is no finger on the button.

Current supplier says they have had calls on this issue over the last few days and are looking into it.

Hoping posting here I might get a quicker answer

Thanks again for your input


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When I upgraded to IOS 11 upon release, there was a known issue regarding TouchID that affected my iPhone 6, and I had to delete my saved fingerprints and re-scan my fingers to solve this.

However, it did give me a failed TouchID message when it failed. I would say try to re-scan your fingerprints first, if that doesn't work, there may be an issue with the print scanner in the home button, it could be worth replacing the home button.

Before commencing repairs or taking it to a repair service, make sure you take some basic steps such as cleaning the home button of dirt, grime, etc, and ensuring that both your finger and the button are dry.

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