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Action camera released by GoPro in October 2013.

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Component missing from motherboard

I had some water damage to my GoPro so I stripped and cleaned it, when I stripped it I noticed 1 of the components on the back of the motherboard near the battery solder joints with the letter "H" on it had come off, I rebuilt the GoPro and much to my suprise it works, records and takes pictures!! I wanted to know what the "H" component does and how will it affect my GoPro

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Perhaps if you could post a photo we could have a guess. Is it the grey component at the top of the board in this picture?

Block Image

It looks like an inductor with just 2 solder pads. If so it should stick to a magnet. And it's surprising it works without it as something will now be an open circuit.

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Yes that is correct it is the silver H at the top right of the pic, I've tried various settings on the camera and it all seems to work, not tried it on a long term basis tho


If it's not magnetic it's more or less got to be a capacitor and I can imagine it could well work without that but with slightly increased susceptibility to electrical noise from other components, the power supply or other external electrical equipment. If you have the part that fell off and can test it with a multimeter on a high resistance range you should get an open circuit (infinite resistance) for a capacitor, possibly after a small initial kick as it charges.


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