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If you are having issues with your Jam Voice, be sure to check out the Jam Voice troubleshooting guide.

Background and Identification

The JAM Voice (Model HX-P590), released in 2016 and equipped with Amazon Alexa, is 3" x 3" x 3" inches in size and weighs 9.8 ounces. The standard battery provides 4 hours of playtime. This device is sold in two colors - black and white. The Jam Voice connects to other devices via Bluetooth and WiFi technology. This device comes with an owner's manual and USB charging cable.

In contrast to other Jam speakers, this device has no AUX adapter. The Jam Voice’s volume control buttons are located on the top, front face of the device. In addition, this device has a large rubber pad on the bottom surface, where the power and Bluetooth connectivity buttons are located. The Jam Voice is also a slightly different shape - the top mesh cover of the device is smoothly rounded.

Additional Information

Jam Wireless Audio

Jam Voice User Manual HX-P590

Jam Voice Reviews

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