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Background and Identification

The HY-204 is a powerful mini tower fan that includes 1 Febreze scent cartridge with purchase, but more can be purchased and easily replaced. All Febreze Set & Refresh cartridges will fit into this device. The device has a Febreze Freshness scent control dial, two speeds of airflow, and an oscillation option. The Honeywell HY Fan Series measures at 14in tall. This device in two models: the 204 model comes in white and the 201 model comes in Charcoal or Black. The model number can be found on the bottom on the fan as well as on the box.


For additional help go to the troubleshooting guide: Honeywell HY-204 Troubleshooting.

Additional Info

Amazon Product Page

Manufacturer's Official User Manual

Video Description of Device

Video Tutorial of Basic Functions

Customer Reviews on Amazon

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