When you put the batteries in, the iHome won't turn on.

Your power adapter may be bad. It can be replaced.

The device may also be powered by 4 AA batteries. Replace them at bottom of the case.

Your iPod connects and plays correctly, but won't charge.

Check to make sure device is plugged into wall.

Replacing batteries may help the iPod charge. There are 4 AA batteries at the bottom of the case.

You can check if the power is going to the adapter correctly.

You can't get your iPod onto the device because the adapter is broken or warped.

Connecting a new adapter is very quick and easy.

Your watch battery is probably dead. Replace it as you would any other AA battery, at the bottom of the case.

It is possible that only the connection to the speakers is broken.

Unfortunately, the speakers can not be opened. However, they are easily replaced.

*iHome iH27B AV circuit board Replacement

You click a button and it doesn't do anything.

*iHome iH27B Left Control Button Replacement

*iHome iH27B Right Control Button Replacement

*iHome iH27B Daylight Savings Switch Replacement

The display behind the clear plastic never turns on or has strange marks.

The display is attached in such a way as to make replacement very difficult

This unit will not control or charge a third generation iPod.

can i locate my speaker i lost it please help me

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