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Computer Overheats

The computer gets too hot that it shuts down.

Dust Trapped in the Computer’s Heat Sink

If your computer is placed in an unsuitable location, dust will start to accumulate in it. This will cause your computer’s fans to get clogged and it will prevent the computer from cooling itself off. Make sure your computer’s heat sink is cleaned and stored in a proper location.

Faulty Fans

Check if air is moving out of the computer by putting your hands over the air vents. If you cannot feel any air ventilating, or your computer fans are making unusual noises then the fans need to be replaced. You can follow our guide on how to replace the fans.

Screen Malfunctioning/Screen flashes

The screen flashes when using it or the screen won’t turn on.

Screen Fails to Turn On

To make sure, the power supply isn’t the issue, connect the computer to a different power supply. If it still doesn’t turn on then you have to replace the power supply.

Distorted Images

When a computer screen starts to show distorted images, or if an image on the computer screen stays on the screen for a long period of time then it is a sign that you need to replace your computer screen.

Incompatible App

An incompatible app will cause screen flickering. To check if an app is causing screen flickering, right click the windows start button and click on task manager. If the task manager flickers, then you need to update or uninstall the app, or you can use system restore so its system software can go back to its original state.

Faulty Motherboard

If your motherboard keeps failing to reboot, doesn’t recognize peripherals, and you keep getting blue screen of death then you have a faulty motherboard. Use our guide on how to replace your computer’s motherboard.

Computer Won’t Connect to WiFi

Your computer fails to connect to the internet.

Connected to Ethernet

Your computer may be connected to Ethernet instead of wireless internet (WiFi). Under your computer “Control Panel” tab, go to “Manage Wireless Networks”. Then remove all wireless connections by right clicking and clicking “Remove Network” from the dropdown menu. After doing this, close all windows and reboot your computer. Turn it back on, then scan for the “Wi-fi Networks” and click on “Connect” on your desired network, though it may ask for its password.

WiFi Modem is Off/Not Responding

Make sure your Wifi modem is turned on, as well as your laptop is turned on and accessible to WiFi. In your computer settings, you should have a “switch” to turn WiFi off and on. If this doesn’t work, reset your Wifi modem.

Short Battery Life

Your computer battery is constantly dying.

Laptop Age

Older laptop batteries can tend to overheat while charging. It is recommended to purchase a new charger and replace it.

Damage to Laptop

If the battery has been dented or struck, the problem is more likely. To fix this problem, purchasing a new battery is recommended. Follow our guide on how to replace the battery.

Corrupted Data

The computer doesn’t let me access my files.

Improper Shutdown

Constantly shutting down your computer without using the proper shut down procedure can cause data corruption. It is important to let the computer shut down/restart by itself.


If your computer suddenly changes in speed, unusual error messages pop up, and your computer applications aren’t functioning correctly or disappearing then you have a virus. Viruses are an external cause of data corruption. It is important to have an antivirus software on your computer.

Faulty Hard Drive

If your files are constantly disappearing/moving or if your computer frequently crashes when booting up then you have a faulty hard drive and it needs to be replaced. Follow our guide on how to replace your computer’s hard drive.

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