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Nokia 6560 Troubleshooting

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers some of the common problems with the Nokia 6560 that can occure during its product life cycle.

No response to commands entered via keypad

Your Nokia cell phone is not responding to all or some of the keys of the keypad. Keys don't work or stick.

Drained/bad battery

Start by checking the battery. Make sure it is installed properly and is charged. If it will no longer charge the battery may need to be replaced.

Dirty keypad/keyboard

If the keys only work periodically or get stuck when depressed, there might be dirt or a sticky substance underneath them, preventing them from working properly. The keypad can be cleaned by removing the front case. We offer the instructions on cleaning the keypad.

Bad keyboard

If the keyboard is still not working, it might need replacing. You can find instructions on replacing the keyboard here.

Bad logic board

If your Nokia is still unresponsive, the problem most likely lies in the logic board. We offer instructions for installation.

The phone will not make any sound

You receive a call or text message but there is no notification sounds and no voice on the other end.

Check volume control

Most likely the phone is set to silent.

  • During a call simply use the right and left arrow keys to adjust volume up or down.

Make sure the command screen is free of numbers during a call in-order for this to work.

Alternately adjust the volume at anytime from the start screen.

  • This can be reached at any time by pressing the end key.

Touch tones may be turned off

To turn them back on start from the menu

  • Select Settings
  • Phone Settings
  • Touch Tones
  • ON.

Speakers may need replacing

If you are still experiencing problems with sound we recommend replacing the speakers. You can find instructions on replacing speakers here.

The phone will not turn on

My phone won't turn on even when I hold down the grey power key

Phone may be locked

In order to unlock the phone:

  • First press the unlock key (the unlock key is one of the top two soft keys)
  • Next press the * button on the bottom left of your key pad

Additional information about unlocking your phone is provided in your owners manual

Battery may be disconnected

Start by removing the back cover of the phone to locate the battery.

  • Remove the battery and the SIM card for 30 seconds
  • Check battery connections for corrosion or dirt
  • If necessary, clean with either a small, fine file, or an eraser
  • Replace SIM card and battery and try to turn on the phone

If the phone still does not turn on, please see below

Battery may need to be replaced

If after trying the previous steps and the phone still does not turn on, the battery may need to be replaced.

  • To replace the battery simply remove the back cover and replace the battery
  • Find the model number on the battery and either order directly from Nokia, or use one of the links at the bottom of the page to source a new battery.
  • When the new battery arrives, replace old battery, then fully charge it

The phone is locked to a particular carrier

I cannot use my SIM card from a different carrier with this phone.

Call the service provider

It is possible to get an unlock code from the service provider (ex. AT&T)

When given a legitimate reason, the service provider can provide you with the code needed to use your phone with another carrier

  • You will be asked for your IMEI number which should be located underneath your battery

The code will usually not be given immediately but it will be either emailed to you or you will get a text or call back from the service provider

  • Once the code has been received, insert the SIM card from another provider and you will be prompted for an unlock code
  • After the unlock code has been input, it should not prompt you again for it unless the firmware is reflashed back to the service provider's settings

Call the manufacturer with model number

Some manufacturers have the ability to obtain the unlock code from the IMEI number.

  • If the manufacturer, in this case Nokia, can provide you with the unlock code, they will need your IMEI number
  • The IMEI number is located underneath your battery and label with other important information
  • If you will be calling from your cell phone, please write down the IMEI number before you make the call

Unlock the phone yourself

The other option could be to unlock to phone yourself using your computer

  • You will need to obtain a computer cable to connect your phone to your computer
  • You will then have to find the proper unlock and debranding files to replace in your phones internal software

Do not attempt to unlock this phone if you are not comfortable flashing your phone's firmware.

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