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The Drill will not turn on

  • Plug the drill into the charger.
    • Does the battery LED light up on the drill when plugged into the charger?
      • If yes, then allow the drill to fully charge according to the manufacturer's instructions.
      • If no, the battery could be defective and you may want to view the following page Battery Replacement

Drill head will not spin

  • Ensure the drill has sufficient charge.
    • The drill is charged but the drill head still does not spin.
      1. Verify the trigger button is not broken.
      2. Verify the drill motor is not broken.
  • If all of this is sufficient, visit the following link Bit Chuck Replacement

Drill will not charge

  • Ensure charger is fully plugged in.
  • Ensure battery is still functional
    • Check cord on charger to ensure it is not broken
    • Ensure charger port on drill is intact
    • Ensure that the outlet you are using is working properly
  • If the drill will still not hold a charge you may want to view the following page Battery Replacement

Trigger button will not move

  • Check for obstructions
  • Ensure nothing sticky was spilled on button and caused it to not move
  • For instructions on how to replace the button please visit the following link Control Button

Drill motor is not running

  • Verify that the battery is charged
  • Check with a multi-meter to see that there is power across the motor
  • Visit the following link to replace the Screwdriver motor

The LED light on the button will not turn on

  • Check to make sure the battery is charged
  • Check to see that the light has a strong connection
    • If the connection is weak the light may turn on and off inconsistently
  • To replace this part please visit the following page LED light

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