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Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Troubleshooting

Camera Won’t Turn On/Camera Won’t Charge

  • Damaged Logic Board
    • If any minor approaches are taken but the camera consistently fails, the problem might reside with the logic board. In this case, the camera must be taken apart and the whole logic board must be replaced. Following reassembly, the camera should work.
  • Dead Battery
    • If your battery is dead, the camera will run fine off an alternate battery, but will fail to turn when the dead battery is in use. A battery can be misdiagnosed as dead in the case that it reads as charged by the charger but fails to power on the camera. In this scenario, the failure is that of the charger or the camera’s logic board. In the case of a dead battery, the easiest way to resolve the problem is to find a replacement battery.
  • Charger Not Functioning
    • If a dead battery and/or bad logic board are out of the question, then the problem most likely resides with the battery charger. In this case, buying a replacement charger provides a hassle-free and quick fix.

Camera won’t take/save photos and videos

  • External Storage
    • If your camera can’t save pictures to your external media there could be a few problems. The first cause of this could be that all the storage has been taken up. In this case simply perform a backup of the data onto a computer then proceed to wipe the storage of any photo/video data. Alternatively, this could be caused by a bad external storage port. Many camera models of this type have either soldered ports or external boards connected to the logic board. In the latter case, a replacement of the external board needs to be replaced while in the latter, the logic board must be replaced.
  • Internal Storage
    • In the case that your camera model has internal storage and it fails to store media to it, if using external storage is not an option, then the logic board must be replaced.

Screen Won’t Display

  • Blank Screen or Dead Backlight
    • If the display is failing either to a blank screen or dead backlight, this could either be a problem of the display itself, the wiring connecting the display to the logic board, or the logic board. In any case, the corresponding part must be replaced.
  • Screen is Freezing
    • If the screen is freezing (and turning off/turning on the camera doesn’t work), but the issue is not that the display, display wiring, or display port to the logic board is compromised, then the problem is most likely to do with the logic board’s memory and could be due to a corrupted operating system. In this case, the only solution is to replace the logic board.
  • Screen is Cracked
    • If the screen is cracked and the rest of the camera isn’t compromised, the the camera must be taken apart and the display must be replaced.

Flash Not Working

  • If a software or bad logic board problem has been ruled out, then the problem might reside with the flash capacitor. In some cases, the only the removal of the power source of the flash capacitor is necessary, but in other cases (as is such with this camera), the capacitor power source is soldered its board, which requires a complete replacement of the flash unit or a soldering kit.

Camera Lens is Damaged

  • In the case of a damaged camera lens, the lens must be replaced. This requires a thorough teardown of the device.

my Auto focus will not take images close up (within a foot) of what I desire to take a photo of, can you help

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