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The Hi-Fi Does Not Power Up

The Hi-Fi does not turn on and shows no sign of turning on.

The Power Cord Is Unplugged or Faulty

If you are powering the Hi-Fi using a power cord, make sure to plug the power cord into a power outlet. If it is unplugged, you need to plug it in. If the cord is plugged in and the Hi-Fi still doesn't turn on, try a different power cord you know works. If the Hi-Fi works with the new power cord, the old power cord is faulty, and you need a new one.

The Batteries Are Improperly Inserted or Dead

If you are powering the Hi-Fi using batteries, the batteries may be improperly inserted or dead. Remove the battery door and check the batteries. If the batteries are improperly inserted, take the batteries out and reinsert them properly. If the batteries are inserted properly, replace them with fresh batteries.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi Batteries Replacement

The Hi-Fi Needs to Be Reset

If the batteries and power cord are fine, but you get no response, try resetting the Hi-Fi. You can reset the Hi-Fi by removing the batteries and power cord. Wait ten seconds, then reapply power. If the reset works, then your Hi-Fi is fine.

The Battery Connector Is Faulty

If the Hi-Fi only powers up using the power cord and not when using batteries only, then you have a faulty battery connector, and you need to replace the connector.

The Power Supply Must Be Replaced

If the Hi-Fi does not power up after being reset, either using batteries or the power cord, then the power supply is faulty and must be replaced.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi Power Supply Replacement

The iPod Connection Doesn't Work

Your iPod is plugged into the designated iPod connector on the top of the Hi-Fi, but there is no connection between the iPod and Hi-Fi.

The iPod Connector Has Broken, Bent, or Missing Pieces

If any of the pieces of the iPod connector are broken, bent, or missing, then the connector needs to be replaced. Please refer to the connector replacement guide below.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi iPod Dock Inserts Replacement

The iPod Connector Well Has Foreign Materials or Is Contaminated

If there are any materials in the well that are not supposed to be there, remove the materials carefully to avoid damaging the material. Lightly run your finger over the connector to identify the areas of contamination. Once identified, clean the areas with a dry cloth carefully.

The Port on the iPod Is Broken

To verify that the iPod connector on the iPod Hi-Fi is the issue, plug in an iPod that is in better condition that contains known good music (avoid using illegally downloaded music). If sound plays from the Hi-Fi, then the iPod you originally used may be damaged.

The iPod Hi-Fi Connector Is Damaged Internally

If you tried plugging in another iPod and the Hi-Fi still does not play any sound, the connector is most likely damaged internally, and you must replace the connector. Please refer to the connection replacement guide below.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi iPod Dock Inserts Replacement

The Hi-Fi Plays No Sound / Has Poor Sound Quality

When you attempt to play music from a working iPod, no sound or distorted sound comes from the Hi-Fi.

The Hi-Fi Is in a Poor Audio Setting

For excellent sound quality, place the Hi-Fi in a specific environment:

  • Place the Hi-Fi on a hard, stable surface away from the floor and ceiling.
  • Center the Hi-Fi in the room for a correct stereo sound.
  • Make sure the Hi-Fi is not directly up against other objects on any side.

If any of the previous conditions are not met, the sound quality may be less than optimal.

The Hi-Fi Needs to Be Reset

The Hi-Fi may only need to be reset. You can reset the Hi-Fi by removing the batteries and power cord, waiting ten seconds, and reapplying power.

The Speaker Connection Is Loose

If you hear no sound after the Hi-Fi is reset, then a connection in the speakers may be loose, or a speaker needs to be replaced. You can refer to the replacement guide on speakers found below.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi Front Panel and Speaker Connections Replacement

The Rubber Seal Is Defective

If you are getting poor sound quality after the reset, and the Hi-Fi is in a quality audio environment, then the rubber seal around the speakers may be defective. If the rubber seal around one of the speakers is defective, then you must replace that speaker. You can refer to the speaker replacement guide below.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi Front Panel and Speaker Connections Replacement

The Battery Life Is Too Short

The Hi-Fi runs out of power too quickly when running on batteries.

The Batteries Need to Be Replaced

The batteries may need to be replaced. Open the battery door and replace the batteries properly.

Replacement Guide: Apple iPod Hi-Fi Batteries Replacement

The Hi-Fi Isn't Connected to an Outlet

Plugging the Hi-Fi into an outlet will prevent the batteries from being used to power the Hi-Fi and will increase the lifespan of the batteries.

A Phone Is Connected to the Dock

Extra power is used when the Hi-Fi also is charging your phone and shortens the battery life. Unplug your phone from the dock, or make sure your phone already has a full battery before connecting it.

The Music Is Too Loud or Has Too Much Bass and Dynamic Sound

Music played at high volumes or with heavy bass uses more power. Turning the volume down, playing songs without heavy bass, or turning the bass down on your phone will increase battery life.

The Hi-Fi Won't Play Music from a New iPod/Device

When you try to connect a new iPod to the Hi-Fi, the Hi-Fi will not play music from the iPod when the volume is turned up.

The Previous iPod Needs to be Disconnected

If the last iPod you used is still connected to the Hi-Fi, then you need to disconnect the previous device. You can also press and hold the Menu button on the remote until the status light blinks green.

The Audio Cable Is Incorrect

You may be using the wrong cable to connect the device. You can check the correct cable configuration on page 16 of the User Guide.

User Guide:

The Device You are Playing Music From Isn't Functioning Correctly

Make sure the device you are attempting to play music from is on and functioning correctly. Refer to the iPod user manual or the user manual of whatever device you are attempting to play music.

My Hi-Fi has this weird non-stop clicking noise every time I plug my AUX cord. Any idea what could be causing this? I don’t want to stop using this speaker, it sounds great :(

ocnoma - Replica

The Apple Hi Fi speaker isssues I face;

1) The sound goes off after about 3 to 5 mins. Have to give it a break for 15 -20 mins & then it again comes back on, but again just for 3 to 5 mins.

The LED light blinks Amber if +/- the volume buttons.

2) I get distortion from the cable if connect it to a tablet, a phone or a DVD player.

I would appreciate it if you can guide on the issues.


TVM - Replica

After I unplug the power cable & the stereo cable for 2 to 3 mins & then plug back both the sound comes back on.

(I followed the reset steps mentioned above).


Hi, mine was blinking orange. When I plugged it in it will blink green, then after 5 green blinks, it will blink orange for the rest of the time until it goes out

eon_santos - Replica

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