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I am Ethan Schlocker, a Materials Engineering major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo class of 2022.

Major and Aspirations

Materials science fascinates me because it is applied in all disciplines and in all aspects of life. I aspire to someday work as an engineer, designing, researching, and developing materials that foster innovative technology. The study of materials is broad as to give students the ability of creating a personal career path that caters to their interests. I always look to the future; my interests are in new types of energy storage, glass, and acoustic materials for commercial and aerospace applications.


My technical skills include Solidworks; experience in Cal Poly Microfabrication Laboratory and Machine shop; various in-house ASTM certifications at RMA Lab; materials sample creation, measuring, and testing

Materials Internship

I worked for RMA Companies from June to September 2019 as a Lab Technician Assistant. I received various in-house ASTM certifications contributing in materials testing, sampling, and analysis. In the second half of the summer, I worked for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Van Ness Improvement Project. I managed various conformance issues between RMA and SFMTA, with relevant contractors.