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The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was released on November 4, 2019, and is compatible with the Xbox One, X, & S consoles as well as PCs running Windows 10/11. Model 1797.

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How to replace the paddle boards?

Hi all,

has anyone tried to fix the paddle boards? Mine don’t respond at all (the buttons themselves don’t).


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Quick update: I bought electronic board replacements for the paddle buttons and that didn’t fix it. Moving on to the contacts but may have to give up without replacing the main board


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I have this issue too! I think you can swap out the motherboards for the paddles, but that doesn't fix the button housing/buttons themselves. That's as far as I got on my controller. I can't find the tiny buttons or the housing for them online. Any luck on your end?

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Hi Damien,

I just opened it up further and took the paddle motherboard out and the small silver circle buttons on the mb click as I suppose they should. I am going to try replacing the paddle mb for this one and see if it is a different result from your experience.

I should note, my buttons do in fact work, but one of them takes a bit more effort than all the others and it's really annoying. Kind of like when a bumper is going and it takes more and more effort as it dies.


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