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Officially licensed Joy-Con alternative for the Nintendo Switch. Released in September, 2019, identified by model numbers NSW-182 and NSW-182U.

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Random drift on left controller

On my left hand controller it is just steering left and it was so random in just started happening if there is a way to reset it or something that would be nice thank you.

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If the analog sticks are not responding correctly, Hori recommends the following solution in the manual for the Split Pad Pro Attachment Set:

The Split Pad Pro Attachment Set is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch calibration menu.

In the case that the accessory's dedicated recalibration option does not work, it's possible that you have control stick drift. The solution in that case is the cleaning of the potentiometers or a replacement of the control stick module. A reference for disassembly is provided here.

I hope that your problem is solved in a quick and simple manner.

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This doesn’t tell you how to actually get to the potentiometer


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necesito encontra el repuesto del joystick de ambos controles ya que el drift es horrible, saben donde encontrar el repuesto

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