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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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How to enter in Service mode?

Hi, I have whirpool WRIC 3C26 PF model, how can I enter in Service mode for diagnostic?

Thank you

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Hi @gianlucaverri

Not sure but try the following sequence:

Press the Start button, then the Program Button 2 times, then the Start button, then the Program Button 2 times, then the Start button and check if it starts the diagnostic tests i.e. Start > 2 x Program > Start > 2 x Program > Start.

If it works here's a link that shows the meaning of the error codes if any show up.

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Hi @jayeff,

thank you for information. After the Button combination, to start the test, must I close the door? If I close it, the dishwater runs (I hear the water inside...). If I don't close the door, number 16 is showed for a very short time and nothing else... I don't understand what I have to do... The water is always cold...



I don't know what 16 flashes mean but if the water is never hot then perhaps the first thing to check is if the heater is OK.

I don't know the dishwasher but I assume that the heater needs 240V AC i.e. full power to work, so perhaps it may be safer to disconnect the power to the dishwasher and check the heater using an Ohmmeter.

The supplier I linked is an example only to show you what it looked like to make it easier to locate. Your dishwasher model number IS listed on the page.


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