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New Harddrive Success.. but no install disks...Now what?

Hi there,

I recently bought an iMac G5(isight) and diagnosed it with requiring a new harddrive. I followed your instructions and they are great. Now I realized that I don't have the original disks to get it going?? What are my options??


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There are several. I usually recommend contacting Apple and they will sell you original system disk for your computer for about $15 each. (the total will depend on how many disk are required--usually one or two). Then there is ebay which I don't recommend for various reasons and finally there are any number of trustworthy suppliers such as We love Macs but they usually cost more. However with them you can purchase a different OS than the one your computer came with. Good luck. Ralph

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Mayer usually recommends this supplier. I have no personal knowledge of them but if he recommends the they must be good. Ralph


They're good, used them for about the last 15 years.


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The most you can run on this iMac is 10.5.8, but you may need to upgrade the memory since some of these did not come with a lot of factory RAM installed. I'd suggest installing 1GB or maxing the RAM on the iMac if you want to do this. If you can run 2GB or more, that's even better.

If you do not want to do this, install 10.4.11, since RAM requirements are lower and these can (generally) run Tiger with the stock RAM installation. There are no guarantees it'll work well, but it usually works.

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Because Snow Leopard will not run on PPC


I just bought a copy of 10.5.6 from Apple for the original price. Its what this computer is running now. Ralph


mac4life You might want to include that information when you give an answer and maybe tell them the top operating they can use.


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