There are several types of PowerBook G4 Aluminum models.

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Computer wont recognize HDD or boot off CD

Received a used powerbook g4, HDD was dead. I had received a replacement HDD wich i was told was formatted with windows and that once installed i would have to reformat to apple OS of course. I installed the new HDD and its not being recognized. Ive tried booting from disc, doesnt work i just get the Apple logo on the screen but wont go past it. Also ive tried a few other button combos that i read up on in other threads and even on this site. The disc im using is OS Panther 10.3. I contacted a friend and he said that maybe the HDD requires a jumper in order to boot properly. Wondering if i should just purchase a new unformatted HDD or try to salvage the one i have. Will update with the model and other info for HDD after i take the beast apart for the 10th time!. Any questions are welcomed as well as advice. THanks!

HDD is a seagate 5400.2 ......its connected with the cable same as the stock one was... 4 pins at the end still exposed...not sure if it should be left how it is ( wich isnt working) or if i should put it on Cable select or what have you, seeing as i know nothing about this part ..

When i try booting by holding down C the apple logo apears but it will sit on the same screen for hours on end.... wont go past it... Also when i try to boot holding command S it will not bring up the black screen with txt....when it boots normally it tries to boot the CD but a circle with a line through it pops up... :-( no clue what is going on

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Apple is very particular about which OS you use. Are you using a "Retail" (black disk) or a machine specific (grey) disk. If grey it must be the disk for your computer--one for another computer won't work. All but the last G4 model should run 10.3 but most run versions later than 10.1 and Apple doesn't like software older than the original. To be on the safe side your OS should be at least 10.3.7.

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i have the retail black disks for 10.3 there are 3 disks.


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You can call Apple up and buy an original installation disk for your machine for $15 plus tax and shipping. Just have a credit card ready and your serial number.

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