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Combining an elegant design, long battery life and performance that beats that of similarly priced notebooks, the IdeaPad 120s offers great value for the money. Coming out in 2017, following Lenovo's 110 series, Lenovo makes it easier than ever to have an enjoyable user experience

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How do I replace the keyboard that has several keys missing?

My Lenovo has missing keys and the keyboard needs to be replaced. How do I do it? Also where can I find the replacement keyboard?

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Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.52 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the upper case assembly. The keyboard is part of the assembly.

Here’s the parts list for the laptop. Click on Select Commodity > C-cover with keyboard (64) to find all the top cover assemblies that are compatible with the laptop. The keyboards are country and colour specific i.e. there is a country code and colour in the title description.

Some examples:

Upper Case ASM 3N 81A5 W/KB USI Grey 5CB0P23823 w/kb = with keyboard, USI = United States International keyboard, Grey = Colour, Part # 5CB0P23823 (supplier example only)

Upper Case ASM 3N 81A5 W/KB SPA Blue 5CB0P23641 w/kb = with keyboard, SPA = Spain (Spanish keyboard), Blue = Colour, Part # 5CB0P23641 (supplier example only)

Once you have found the assembly for your model, search online using the part number only to get results for suppliers of the part. If you wish to verify that you’re ordering the correct part, usually the part number can be found somewhere on the underside of the assembly.

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