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Repair information for the Dell Latitude 6000 laptop series.

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Your PC ran into a problem...

Your PC ran into a problem.... Error no Wi-Fi showing as well heating and switch off

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Hi @nmk ,

What is the model number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom of the case?

Can you turn on the laptop and if it starts is the fan operating?

Is the fan exhaust vent clean and clear of any obstructions?


Dell latitude E6430s... It heated up in very short time and then that error Your PC ran into... And also after clicking it took 3,4 sec pause and then start.. No Wi-Fi connection there as well



I am still having same error brother after reinstall and replace HDD as well... Your PC ran into a problem and won't start now


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Often, rebooting will fix the problem. If not start with the HDD. Remove it and set it up as an external USB drive on another computer. Run CHKDSK on all the partitions. That may fix it. If not and it shows errors, you may need to offload all your stuff, reformat the drive and reinstall windows.

There are other possibilities that might be fixed without a reinstall, but troubleshooting them and the fixes are complicated.

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Actually that error comming from before reinstall the windows setup and it is showing after new setup of windows 10 as well..


the rapid heat up along with no wifi could be troubling. It sounds like it is running sort of if you can tell there is no wifi. The 2 together might indicate a dramatic wifi chip failure. That would require a component replacement. The wifi function is normally on a separate daughter board so it is easily replaceable and not to pricy. You may even want to upgrade it if it is a less capable unit.

Dell has diagnostics you can run that may tell you something. Go to their website support section to download it if you haven't got it yet.

You may also want to update your drivers while you are there.


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Not sure what you mean by "It heated up in very short time.......".

If the laptop is overheating, temperature wise then there is a cooling problem, either due to a fan problem, thermal past needs refreshing on the CPU or a motherboard problem and usually the laptop is shutdown to protect the CPU not continuing on and starting and then encountering problems, unless it is a borderline temperature problem I suppose.

Try starting the laptop in safe mode with networking and check what happens

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