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The Lenovo Yoga 2 13" can convert from laptop to tablet, tent, or stand mode with hinges on the side. It was released in January 2014.

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Fan replacement with a different model from original one

Hi everyone, I need to replace the fan of my Lenovo yoga 2 13'‘ and unfortunately the ebay seller sent me the wrong model, but that still fits, I verified that.

What could be the issues if I actually mount that different fan?

Specifically, the original fan placed in the laptop is the Sunon EG50040S1-C450-S99 and the only information printed on that are: DC5V / 2.25W. The fan that was shipped to me is a Sunon MF60120V1-C181-S9A (MagLev) and the specifications printed on it are: DC5V / 0.4A. Could it harm my laptop if I use that one?

Thanks for the help.

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Hi @patrizioerre ,

The specifications for the original fan 5V 2.25W means it uses 0.45A (450mA) of current. Ohm’s Law - Power =Voltage x Current

The replacement uses 0.4A (400mA).

This will not cause a problem.

There may be a difference in the amount of air (CFM- cubic feet per minute) being blown by the fan due to its mechanical design i.e. fan blade angle, speed etc but I don’t think that it will matter. As long as the fan sits securely on the motherboard with no gaps etc.

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Thanks for the feedback. What I was concerned about is the motherboard I guess, I read that fans with different power requirements may harm that. I assume it shouldn't be the case here since the power requirements are smaller. Is this the case according to your knowledge?



The replacement fan requires less power so it won't harm the fan's power supply circuit on the motherboard.

As I said what may differ is the airflow through the fan and therefore also possibly the noise of the fan i.e. having to be on a higher speed to move the air to keep the temperature OK.

The power rating in Watts (or the current value in Amps) on a fan is for the maximum amount allowed for the fan. The motherboard's fan voltage supply is never more than 5V max. This is for when the fan is on full or high speed.

To lower the fan speed either the current is reduced by introducing more resistance in the fan's operating circuit or the voltage is lowered to achieve the same thing i.e. less current

What may also differ between the two fans is the value of the thermistor and speed sensor that is used in each one.

The thermistor is a temperature sensor used to let the BIOS know the temperature and whether or not to increase or decrease the fan speed to control the airflow so that the CPU is properly cooled i.e. operating within temperature specifications)

The speed sensor tells the BIOS that the fan is operating i.e. actually turning and how fast it is going. Again this is for temperature control.

You need to make sure that there are no gaps when the fan is mounted so that all the heat s expelled to the outside and that none can stay in the laptop case increasing the ambient temp etc

All you can do is try it and check if the laptop operates OK temperature wise and that the fan noise level is acceptable when operating the laptop normally i.e. not gaming etc which uses a lot of system resources therefore more heat as the CPU has more to do so the fan has to run a higher speed therefore noisier.

Hopefully this explains a bit more.

Alternatively if still in doubt, the seller should have sent you the correct one if that is what they advertised. Contact them and get the correct one sent. ;-)


Thank you very much indeed for all these details, this explains a lot! If the only problem that could arise is only the laptop being cooled a little bit worse that shouldn't be an issue as I'm not planning to use it intensively. As long as you can confirm that no harm is done to the internal components when the new fan exactly fits in the space I think I will just use that and do not return the fan they sent me, I don't want to lose time with the return shipping (but I contacted them to know the options in these cases).



Also I forgot before but check that the wire colours line up between the two fans i.e. in the same order on the fan's plug. I can't quite see it when I look online as the images aren't clear enough for me but I think the order is red, blue, black yellow. If they are different to what I just said then as long as they're both the same it is OK. If not then don't as then you may damage something

There is a temperature sensor in the fan and the CPU also has an internal temperature sensor so if it does get too hot for the CPU the laptop will be shutdown to protect the CPU.

I think that the only problem may be the noise level due to the fan speed maybe but it may be OK if the temperatures are kept within the operating parameters.


That seems to be another important confirmation as the wires line up in the same order except for the blue one: in the original fan that cable is not blue but seems exposed metal (like it has no insulation), while in the replacement fan the cable in that position is actually blue.

I was very used to excessive fan noise with the previous configuration so I don't think I'll notice so many differences in that.


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It will depend on the processor and motherboard if they are not too different then it can work for you but the problems will come when you will use it as the speed and fluency in working your computer

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