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The ASUS M51E-B2 is a fully functional wireless laptop. It features a 15.4" monitor, Windows Business Vista, 2 GB memory, and 6-cell lithium ion battery.

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How to update AMI BIOS (not sure if that is even the problem)

When I press power, hard drive spins up and fan turns on but screen is blank. Pressing F2 does noting 95% of the time. That rare 5% it BIOS does come up and then it can boot into the OS. But I have to spend hours turning it on and back off until it turns on once, but once it is shut down the problem is there again. I think the bios might be messed up or something. Any ideas?

-Has 2 operating systems installed, Windows 7 and Fedora (i only care about windows the other one was on there when i got it)

-Has American Megatrends BIOS, and AMD Turion X2 Ultra Mobile Processer

-4GB ram

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THE FIRST thing on the list should be your HDD. BIOS rarely gets corrupt.

The boot sector tells the computer how and where to find the code to boot the system. If it can’t find it or it is corrupt, then it won’t boot. When you get it booted run CHKDSK - look it up. It may be able to fix your problem - or not. Then you may need to run SFC /SCANNOW or DISM to fix corrupt system files.

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@ruggb ok so I did CHKDSK and it went to the testing screen thing then it restarted fine idk if something else was supposed to happen, and I also did SCANNOW and it didn't say there were any problems. Should i try to update BIOS? I found on ASUS website it has BIOS updates for this laptop but if that's not the problem I don't want to do that.


Would the CMOS battery being about dead cause something like this too?


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bill’s advice above is good and should be followed. I would reflash the BIOS as well, in case of any corruption. Go to the ASUS web site for this.

Next download, when able to, one of the freeware partition editing apps such as EaseUS Partition Master or MiniTool Partion Wizard , etc.

Remove the LINUX partition, if you are not going to use it, and expand the Windows 7 one in the resulting free space. Rebuild the MBR - you will see the option in the partitioning software. When all is booting fine upgrade (in place to save all files and apps) for free to Windows 10 whilst it is still free.

If you need futher help just ask.

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Hi @carsman248,

Have you tried a full power refresh in cased the BIOS is just corrupt and needs to be reset.

Turn off the laptop if on and then disconnect the charger if connected.

Remove the battery from the laptop and then press and hold the Power On button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Reinsert the battery reconnect and switch on the charger and then try turning on the laptop.

If still no good perhaps it is a failing/failed CMOS battery.

Couldn’t find any info about your exact model but according to this link for an Asus M51 laptop, the CMOS battery is on the underside of the motherboard. CMOS battery location and change

The battery is a CR2032 which is commonly available. If you decide to check it, if the battery voltage is <2.5V DC replace it. You may find that if the laptop starts after replacing it that there will be an error message about the date and time being incorrect. This is because the BIOS has been reset back to its factory default settings Once it has been corrected the message won’t show the next time the laptop is started.

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@jayeff Ok so I have tried taking battery out and charger and hold for 30 seconds, and it didn't work. So I spent an hour taking it apart and finally accessing CMOS battery, I just replaced it with a brand new one. After putting it together again I tried it and it still didn't work (this was a few weeks ago). I finally got it on now after weeks but I know once I shut it off it may never turn on again. (it works randomly after trying to turn it on for so many times one time it will just work)

It is able to restart and I can go to BIOS settings from that but shutting it down is the problem and I just don't know what would cause this to happen so if you have any other ideas it would be appreciated.

(also when it does turn on I get no date/time error so I think my battery is working)



Try disconnecting the HDD from the motherboard and check if you can at least pass POST and get into BIOS every time.

If so then change the boot order in BIOS to USB as 1st boot option and save the changes.

Create a bootable USB drive and then insert it and check if the laptop boots from it every time. Here's a free standalone program that may help. It's not that you're testing the ram per se, it's just that this program doesn't need Windows to be loaded to operate. Scroll down to get the V4 version as I assume that your laptop is legacy BIOS and not UEFI

If that works OK every time, then perhaps there may be a problem with the Fedora/Windows dual boot setup.

All this is just trying to isolate where the problem may be, motherboard or HDD.

If it is the motherboard I couldn't find a schematic for the motherboard so was hoping that this may be close enough to be of some help. Downside is that you have to pay for it.

Alternatively search for the "(insert motherboard's board number) schematic"


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