Display problems after replacing HD


After following the DIY for the HD replacement wich went with no problems, i got a faulty display.

Even before i closed the computer, i turned it on and everything was ok.

After i completed the essembly, i turned it on and the display was like an old tv with bad reception and interference. Also, it has 2 vertical lines more os less in the middle of the screen.

Also the external display port works fine.

Let me tell you that i was very carefull handling the display during the whole process, so i can´t really understand how this could have happened!

I opened the computer again and checked all the cables and it is the same.

Can this be a problem with the inverter or the lvds cable?

Has anyone had a similar problem ?


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Hey! I have the same problem right now. Have you found any solution?


NVRAM Reset helped!


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