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An external drive with USB 2.0 and Firewire 400/800 interfaces. Comes in capacities between 320 GB and 1 TB.

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Data Recovery Issues after restore

Hello everyone.

I have a western digital which I had stored videos from my macbook pro using the software final cut pro.

About a week back the hard drive crashed and I took the external hard drive and attached it to a PC running windows 7 and ran a recovery program called EASEUS recovery. I was successful recovering the the videos , but I can't play the videos neither on a mac or pc. Keep getting an error that the file is invalid. Is there a special software or a particular way to run recovery which would enable me to recover the videos properly.

All help is appreciated

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Hi can i suggest that you check one if the files info and comfirm if the size of the file tally with what you have?


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I would contact the maker of the software you used for assistance. They probably used a file system locked to their software and should be able to tell you how to make it readable again. If they can't help you I would contact WD for help. Save the drive -- you may need to recover again.

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Use free tool called Disk Drill, to recover your deleted videos. It's very important to preview your files before recovering.

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If you can not open the video, that means the video was not recovered completely. Try other better video recovery program like Card Data Recovery.

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Ok the issue is the data was lost on a mac and the recovery was done using a windows pc that is the reason the files seem to be corrupted. Is there a software or solution to convert it back to mac format.. thanks


Probably not, because you now have a corrupt file structure, It can not simply be fixed by converting to mac format.


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