PC start to blink when it connected to dongle

I have this Huawei dongle. When ever i connect it to PC the screen started to blink. it wont stop either we restart it or remove the dongle. This is new issue because it works perfectly fine before.

Anyone have idea how to fix this?

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What dongle? What is it for? Do you just mean the USB cable, perhaps? You need to be more specific if any one is going to try to help you.


Hi @elsa_bailey ,

Did this happen when using either USB port on the laptop?

Can you try using the dongle on another PC and check if the same problem occurs?

What type of dongle is it, BT, modem etc?


Sorry i did not know that much info will be needed.

The dongle is plugging to the USB port and it is using to connect to the internet. I tried it to my desktop but did not happened such a thing.

Its only happened when i connect it to my laptop.


Hi @elsa_bailey,

A few more questions to try and narrow it down a bit ;-)

Does it happen if you plug another USB device e.g. a mouse or a flashdrive into the laptop?

When working correctly, does the dongle usually just open a webpage or a specific program from your internet service provider that allows you to connect to the internet, when you plug it in? Is this what is flashing on the screen?


yes, exactly when the dongle working correctly I open a webpage. But no. There is nothing wrong when I connect other USB devices. It's just not the webpage that is flashing. whole PC screen is starting to blink like it is gonna turn off and then turn on.


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