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Sesto modello di iPhone Apple, annunciato il 12 settembre 2012. La riparazione si fa in modo simile alle precedenti versioni di iPhone e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. Disponibile con tecnologia GSM o CDMA, con 16, 32, o 64 GB, nero o bianco.

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What is broken? LCD or Mobo?


my LCD screen iPhone looks like in the photo. It doesn’t vibrate or make any sound, and i would like to know what’s broken, entità Mobo or maybe just the screen?

Block Image


Pellegrin A.

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Most of the time it is just the screen. Did this happen after a very hard drop or previous repair?

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I think i’ve broke it “play” with connetors. But i also thought could be also a Short-Circuit of Mobo caused by my “game”, trying to Connecticut LCD. Can Mobo be broken by LCD connector?


@andreapellegrin If you had troubles with plugging in connectors you might have damaged the sockets on the board and that could explain the issues.


I have heard of the image display chip / screen connector going bad on the board before.

These screen connectors on the board generally tend to be fine as long as you don't force the connectors in when they don't fit.

Does the connector on the board visually look fine? No bent pins / worn plastic?

If it does then I say try getting the screen replaced and see how that goes. If those was board-level fault the cost of the repair is like significantly more than a screen replacement.


@benjamen50 thanks Ben, i’ve bent over a pin of LCD Mobo and then i try to fix it. Ok i try the new screen if it doesn’t work i should try changing Mobo. But could, install LCD on damaged Mobo, burn Mobo?


If the pins were bent before and plastic already damaged (on the logic board) it will require the screen connector on the board to be replaced.

Better to not try a new screen in this case as it will most likely result in the same image as shown in your post.

Installing LCD on damaged mobo can damage the screen's screen connector. Motherboard is going to be the same as before with the display fault.


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