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Rilasciato nel Novembre 2013 da Sony Computer Entertainment, questo controller six-axis con batteria da 3.7 V agli ioni di litio non è complicato da riparare

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Problems with my 2 controllers

So I’ve had both of my controllers since the release of the ps4 back in 2013. The controller i use most has a problem where i would plug it in to the ps4 to charge, then it would look up for no reason without moving the right stick. My second controller i use less, has problems where running feels sluggish, sometimes closes out of menus, and sometimes shoots my gun without me pressing R2. How can i fix these problems?

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Seems that dirt /dust has accumulated inside the Controllers. Cleaning the interiors of the Controllers should solve the problem.

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One option would be to try resetting the controller. Under the L2 button there is a small hole on the back of your controller. Using an unbent paper clip, hold the button down for about 3-5 seconds. This will reset the controller. Now plug your controller into your PS4 and re-sync it for a successful reset. If this doesn’t work, then definitely try cleaning it out to see if that resolves the issue.

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