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The TI-84 Plus CE is a graphing calculator released in Spring 2015 by Texas Instruments. It includes a 2.8 inch color screen, USB port, apps, storage, and a 1200 mAh battery.

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Green Light Always on, Computer does not recognize Calcator

The led charging status light is always on. The battery won’t charge through the macro USB port and when I plug the calculator into my computer it isn’t recognized.

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The easiest possible fix is to try and push the cable into the calculator’s port harder. You’ll have to plug it in harder than you’d expect, you’ll feel a click when it’s properly connected.

If that doesn’t work, this could be the result of a faulty cable. Try using a different ‘mini USB to USB type A’ cable. Trying a different power source (i.e. different computer or use a wall outlet) may work too.

If that doesn’t work try archiving anything important and perform a RAM reset (press the little button on the back of the calculator), there may be something going wrong with the software that’s preventing it from charging.

If that still doesn’t work, you should test if your USB port is faulty. Archive any important information since this will clear your RAM. Get out your mini USB to mini USB cable, a friends TI 84 Plus CE, and connect them together with side A in your calculator. Turn the both on, then on your calculator press [mode] then [alpha] then [s]. Press enter until you reach the Diagnostics screen. Then press [9] to launch the test. If you’re confused on any of this, there’s a tutorial on how to use the Diagnostics test here. The test you want to try starts at 5:18. Please let me know the results of that test (how many packets succeeded to send and how many errored out).

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Thank you for your help. I think it is a faulty port. I’ve gotten to the diagnostics screen, but when I select USB A>B B>A the screen flashes but then nothing else happens.


Just checking, you were connected to another calculator when you performed that test? If so, then I'm sorry about your port, you'll need to contact TI Cares and see if you can return yours:


Yeah I was connected to a different calculator. It’s all very strange, the green light is always on, and my battery doesn’t get charged when I plug it in, also the calculator is not recognized by my computer. This would all suggest a faulty port, but, when I plug the calculator into the computer when it’s dead (or just doesn’t have a battery in it), the green light turns on. So there Is some connection somewhere. Thank you for your help


That's because the calculator has some separate component from the main OS that handles charging the battery. It's expected behavior that when you have no battery then plug the calculator in that a green light turns on. You can try using a different battery, perhaps the calculator recognized that something is faulty with your current one (although I've never heard of this happening before).

If the calculator isn't recognizing that the new battery is installed, then there's an issue with the calculator itself and not something I can help you fix on the software side. :\


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