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iPhone di quarta generazione. La riparazione è semplice, ma il vetro anteriore e l'LCD andranno sostituiti insieme. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB di memoria / Modello A1332 / Nero e Bianco.

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iPhone in boot loop when charging


So my Iphone 4 fell in water and now it is in boot loop. It actually doesn’t work without charging and when plugged into charge, it starts to boot loop. I don’t need the phone, but I have a lot of old pictures of my children in it. I tried Itunes update( I can get it in itunes mode) and all the popular programs that recover files or flash the Iphone with keeping the files. I tried the home button and power button techniques but nothing seems to work.

Can someone tell me what actually the problem is?

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its probably because of a loose battery connection if its just rebooting whilst plugged as to boot a battery must be plugged in so take the back off and check the connection

search battery replacement for iPhone 4 or 4s in ifixit and it should pop up its fairly simple all you need is a 1.5 Philips i believe

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Thank you for your answer! And is there no possibility to get the pictures that are in the Iphone?


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