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The Asus Transformer Flip Book can be identified by it's model number: TP200S. It is a fully reversible flip book that was released in November 2015. It is touchscreen capable and compatible with Windows 10.

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My ASUS TP 200S screen wont turn on

My ASUS TP 200S , running windows 10 , new , actually about a month old wont turn on the screen

when i press the power button , the green power indicator turns on but nothing displays on the screen.

What happened before this problem:

the laptop would freeze up while in use and indicate a message that the display adapter driver needs to updated , switching to Microsoft basic display driver

at times i noticed a square box at the middle of the screen during the driver issues

i tried ding a windows 10 upgrade to the latest version available. however , i did not complete the update due to data connection failure after about 13% progress.

i switched it off , and turning it back on has failed since then.

what i have tried :

it has a non-removable battery so i opened the back flip cover , removed the battery and pressed the power button for about 10-15 sec . powered it up , same result.

i then decided to power it up , then check if it is actually on , by inserting a memory card . it plays the plug in sounds , when i plug it on and off , so the system is actually up !

ive checked the screen for any signs of breaking . there’s none.

PLEASE assist .


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hello, thanks for the reply

i have just tried pressing the FN + F7 and F6. it wont turn on

also cant see any faint light on the screen

however, it responds to touch , since its already on. i can touch on the screen and hear clicks , like the folder opening sound etc but its still off

am now going to try connecting to the the external monitor. i have hdmi but the ports are not compatible


another thing , can the screen be faulty if it already responds to touch ?


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Have you tried pressing Fn +F7 when the laptop is on to see if this turns the screen on, or Fn + F6 to increase the display brightness?

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop's HDMI port and check if it shows a display when you turn on the laptop. (you may have to use Fn + F8 to toggle between the laptop and the external monitor)

Can you detect an image at all on the laptop's screen if you shine a torch at an angle close to the screen when the laptop is turned on? It will be very faint if it is there at all.

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Did you try Fn + F8 just in case it was already switched to an external monitor and you have to switch it back, you didn't say if you tried this? ;-)

The digitizer (touchscreen) is a separate component to the LCD screen.

I don't know for your model whether or not they share the same flex cable or cable connector at either end, display assembly or motherboard.

If they are separate cables hopefully the LCD screen cable may just be loose.

If you don't get a display on the external monitor either then there is a problem with the motherboard.

If you do get a display on the external screen, then it is either the laptop's LCD screen or the video cable to the screen that is the problem.

Since it is only a month old, if it is faulty consult the manufacturer's warranty as to what to do to get a manufacturer's warranty repair/replacement. If the external monitor does show a display, backup your data before your invoke the warranty, just as a safeguard


hi , i have tried the FN + F8 , still wont turn on .

am now waiting for the smaller hdmi cable conector , just ordered it

i remember one time this happened , the laptop brightness settings for battery saver mode had swtched to 0% , so the screen was dark. connecting the charger would increase the screen light . then i changed the settings back to 50% brightness on battery power and AC power.

am thinking and hoping maybe its down to zero again , for both power modes because connecting the charger indicates it is charging by the led light but no light on the screen


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