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All-in-one PC, HD, PC/TV, 22' widescreen, Blu-ray drive, wireless LAN, 500GB HD, LT line

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Display is blank, cannot use answers given before.

I updated from Vista to windows 10 last year and it said display driver is incompatible. Since I ignored the warning, now display is blank. How can I fix it.

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Hi @bharmanj ,

Since we don't know what "answers were given before".

Do you get a display off indicator light on the bottom right below the screen?

If so have you pressed the Display Off button (next to the Power button) on the top right above the screen?

Try using a torch and shine it at an angle close to the screen to see if there is an image at all when the PC is on. It will be very faint if it is there at all.

Disconnect the HDD and see if it displays an error message on the screen, i.e. Unable to boot, no bootable disc found or similar.


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Hey bud, have you tried seeing if it recognises or boots a vista, windows 7 or windows 8 disc? Then reinstall a working OS.

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It did not recognize windows7.


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