How do I exit DnX mode?

While trying to reboot my tablet I believe I did something wrong and now all it shows is

Entering DnX mode.

Waiting for fastboot command...

How do I exit this mode? I tried holding the power button but it just goes right back to this.

It's a Nextbook Ares 8

Model number NXA8QC116R

Any help would be appreciated.

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Same here some times it would turn on and it would be in safe mode and 5 minutes later it would shut down and show its battery charging picture with a ? In it and it would say battery unknown and go back in dnx mode and it seems like every time you put a micro sd card in it goes in dnx mode and if u take it out it will not turn on or work at all until you put the sd card back in right now I am on my computer.


Can you download an app for it


I have a ares 8 and need help. The TWRP is not working also fastboot commands are denied.


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Try this,

- Hold volume up for 15 Seconds,

-While holding volume up, press and hold the power button until tablet turns off

-Release volume up button

-Release Power Button

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I did that and it turned off, but I didn't see the Nextbook logo like I usually do when it shutdown and when I turned it back on it still said Entering DnX mode.


this didn't work for me


Worked on my Lenovo Yoga Book. Thanks!


my nextbook is doing the same, when it does this, on a computer, when you plug it in to the computer, it will say that a driver is unavailable. that means that somehow, you'll have to install a driver, which could brick the tablet if not done right.


Yay!! It worked on my Ares 10. I wish I could reset to factory, but that is how I ended up with the DNX mode...


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It's not working for me

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