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The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition (model no. CHDHN-302) was released in October 2013. This digital camcorder is capable of recording 1080p HD resolution video and taking 8MP pictures.

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Date Time resetting, can I change just the motherboard battery?

My GoPro no longer seems to be holding date/time.

I'm assuming this is due to the motherboard battery?

If so, is that replaceable? If so, what type of battery and are there online instructions?

I've seen the Hero 3 tear down page, so I know it has a soldered on motherboard battery but even that teardown does not remove/call out the onboard battery type and removal/replacement.

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Peter Yamamoto you are absolutely right and there is not a lot of information about this battery anywhere. I just checked mine and it is a 3V MS614FE battery manufactured by Seiko. Here is the datasheet DATASHEET SEARCH SITE | WWW.ALLDATASHEET.COM and most likely or will have those.

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